Rates and Reviews

Take a look at the sample rates below. Then, please use this quote request form and send me photos if possible)

I want to be your “friendly neighbor” in Bangkok. When something needs to be fixed, I want to be the person you think of first. My prices reflect that I think, and provide the comfort to you of knowing you’re not going to be taken advantage of in any way. 

I will always treat you fairly and in a way where each job is complete without obligation beyond the scope of the work. With all repair work, there are sometimes surprises. (I know I said I’d dig a 3 foot hole for you for 200 Baht, but I didn’t know there was a 10 ton boulder 6 inches below the surface!) I will always work hard to minimize surprises, so that going in, you know exactly what to expect.

Job (type of work) Cost (+ materials used)
Estimate Free of charge
Leaking water fixture 400-800 Baht
Electric outlet 400-700 Baht
Light fixture 300-500 Baht
Furniture repair 850 Baht p/hour
Flooring 850 Baht p/hour
Window screen replacement 500-700 Baht
Paint (indoor/outdoor) you'll be pleasantly surprised
Floor cleaning I'll need to see the job

* the above prices are not actual estimates and are to be used for comparison only.

The quote request form is really easy to use. Don’t forget to send me photos of the job you need to have done! 

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