Me - The MacGyver guy... and Alexa who's a big part of the reason I'm working at all! :)

Me – The MacGyver guy… and Alexa who’s a big part of the reason I’m working at all! 🙂



I moved to Thailand in 1987. Many things have changed since that time, but getting a maintenance or repair job done well and fast is still tough to find. If you’ve ever found yourself ‘watching over’ a worker who showed up late, fumbled around on a job with all the wrong tools, (and apparently not much skill), only to leave a bigger mess at the end than when he started!

Whatever your need from roofing to floors, indoor and out, large to small, my commitment is to make sure you won’t have that experience with MacGyver. Give me a call. After an on-site visit, you’ll receive a written estimate. No obligation – if you don’t like the price, no worries!

Call me: 081-995-1667 or write using my Online Form.